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My name is Andrew Winchell, and I'm a freelance filmmaker from Colorado Springs. I work alongside of businesses and non-profits to tell their stories in vibrant films from unique perspectives.

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With the deadline fast-approaching to announce the new integration between Pulsara's revolutionary app for healthcare providers and ZOLL's X-series monitors, we were turned around six weeks from first discussion to final delivery. Working closely with Flight for Life in east Texas, we wanted to demonstrate new features in an app, without having to resort to boring screening recordings or talking heads. The video debuted at EMS World 2018, the largest EMS-dedicated event in the world.


Anselm Society: Your Imagination Redeemed

So many ideas, speakers, conversations, inspirations, and stories piled into one day. Not only did our team roll non-stop recording the talks, we captured as many of the moments throughout the day to allow attendees to remember and re-experience it later on. With so much going on, we chose to shift to slow motion as soon as the attendees entered. We carried this motif along to the very end, which is a series of slow pulling back shots, capturing the reluctance of each person at the day drawing to a close.

Richland Center Fire Department

We went interior alongside of firefighters to film them in action. Putting cameras in dangerous places, we captured footage from perspectives rarely seen by those not wearing bunker gear. Having worked with volunteer fire departments for over ten years, it was an easy choice for Andrew to combine his loves of filmmaking and firefighting.


Summit Semester

Truth + Relationships is the core of what makes Summit Ministries' three month program unique and successful. We wrapped both of those ideas in to the final film, giving visual time to truth—through classroom time, soundbites from speakers, and showing discussion and Q&A times—and to relationships—by making and sharing meals, studying together, and experiencing adventures.


Dells-Delton Ambulance

To best represent the progressive ambulance service that DDEMS has set out to be, we used high speed cameras to slow down the action and appreciate the decisions that paramedics and EMT's have to make on a daily basis. Since the launch of the video, it has been viewed thousands of times.

There is no formula. There is no shortcut.

Having produced so many films over the years, we’ve learned a few things. It takes a lot of work to produce high quality, fresh, compelling films. Stock video won’t cut it. Cloning other videos isn’t the right route. Flying in a drone or shooting in 8K won’t fix a poor film.

Compelling stories told creatively and proficiently can move people’s emotions, shape their view of the world, and transport them to a place they’ve never been.

If that approach matches what you’re trying to do and why, we’d love to talk. Get in touch and let’s see if we can make a film together.

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